Imaginary conversation between a technophobe and a realist

‘Every writer worth their salt has a website or a blog, or both.’

‘Oh, not me. I prefer to keep a low profile.’

‘What? Like J. D. Salinger, or someone?’

‘Well, why not?’

‘You’re hardly Salinger, though, are you? You don’t even look like him. Do you want people to actually read your stuff?’

‘Well, yes.’

‘Where are they going to find it then?’

‘In the usual places.’

‘With all the other millions of books?’


‘Yes, millions. Are you a technophobe, or just plain lazy?’

‘More technophobe than lazy, I think. I’m not lazy about writing, and in my day job I’m more serene than lazy.’

‘Well, serenely get your arse into gear and have a look at this blog post.’

‘What’s that about?’

‘What it says. You can set up a blog that looks like a website. You could even do some blogging too.’

‘I can’t see me doing that.’

‘Are you a writer, or what?’

‘Well, yes.’

‘Then you’ll do it.’

‘I doubt it.’

‘We’ll see.’

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