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Although I have been writing on and off for the last twenty-five years, it was only about eight years ago that I started to write some things – a few poems and song lyrics – that I didn’t feel like throwing away shortly afterwards. After that I wrote many short and very short stories before attempting my first longer work, ‘Barry Braithwaite’s Last Life’.  In this novel I attempted to inject some humour into a story about homelessness and alcoholism in the hope of providing a palatable introduction to these serious issues for those unlikely to pick up a textbook on these subjects at the local library – i.e. most of us. In my next book, ‘The Year that Crime Paid’, I approached another serious subject – that of crime – and put myself in the shoes of a ‘normal’, law-abiding citizen who, through choice or necessity, decides to try to make a living out of it. Humour, once again, was an essential ingredient in this book, lest I were to be accused of writing a crime manual! In my four part diary, ‘Spanish Journals: The Posthumous Diary of an Expat’, I have drawn on my years in Spain and my many encounters with expatriates determined not to be considered such, but intrinsically unable and unwilling to integrate to any great degree into Spanish society. Humorous material, needless to say, is not lacking in this field of human endeavour!

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