PHILANDERER – A ROGUE’S LIFE IN SPAIN is an entertaining account of the half of Gilbert Wolfe’s life which he has spent in Spain.

In FINDING MY FEET our hero arrives in Alicante with money in his pocket and a taste for adventure after two years of flat-sharing and commuting in London. Weary of the daily grind, he plans to pursue his ongoing studies of the fairer sex and encounter that elusive happy medium between work and idleness.

Keen to learn the language as quickly as possible in order to exercise his charms to good effect, the clever but inherently indolent Englishman is quick off the mark in befriending the lovely Dolores, who makes his time in Alicante enlightening and pleasurable, before wending his way to Bocairente in the Valencian hinterland to meet his purportedly platonic friend Juliet.

Much more than a catalogue of conquests, PHILANDERER is a hilarious and instructive tale of one man’s adventures in a country whose diversity provides the perfect backdrop to his roguish and resourceful escapades.

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